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PRATAPGARHFARMS bring to your students, teachers and the entire school community, a safe and secure place full of fun, adventure, learning and enjoyment, amid the rolling green farmlands in the lap mother nature with in 1 to 2 hours of driving time from your school.

Surrounded by lush green fields growing wheat, mustard, barley, sugarcane, the farm resort has 7 acres of gated resort campus with 5 acres of attached farm land. The gated campus has a small lake, lush green gardens – Nakshatra vatika, Rashi vatika, Navgriha vatika, Triphla kunj, Panchvati, Bodhvatika, Guru ke Bagh - which are a learning experience by themselves. There is an animal farm with cows, buffaloes, horses, camels, goats, ducks, rabbits and fowls and chicken. The farm resort has a hygienic Kitchen with R.O water purifiers covered dining area laid out in ethnic style, Haveli style Halls and rural style huts for domestic and fun activities.
FUN AND ENJOYMENT: Your Children enjoy a host of activities:
Rides - Camel, Camel Cart, Bullock cart and Tractor rides.
Rural Games Archery, Air gun, Gulel, Dart shooting, Kanche goli, Pithoo, Lattoo, Gullee danda, Kite flying, Kushti, Kabbadi, Tug of war.
Modern Games Cricket, Soccer, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Carom.
Farm Fun Activities Mud bath, Tube well bath, Burma Bridge, Trampoline.
Dance and Music DJ Music.
Rural Domestic activities – Weaving Charkha, Pottery, Buttermilk making, Grain grinding, Grain pounding, Panihari Chaal, Matka Painting, Painting on Mud lep walls.
Learning Activities - Vermi- composting, Farm yard manuring, Bio-gas production, Crops, trees, medicinal plant identification.
Agriculture and Dairy Activities – ploughing, plodding, sowing, reaping and winnowing.
EXCELLENT FOOD: Stuffed Paranthas, Puri, Dahi, Safed Makkhan, Chacch, Neembu Pani, Pulao, Makke Ki Roti, Bajre Ki Roti, Tawe Ki roti, Lahsoon Ki Chatni, Pachranga Acchar, Rajma, Cholle, Saag, Mixed Vegetable, Raita, Halwa, Kheer Jalebi Garma Garam, Ganne unlimited. We provide healthy and yet tasteful food with farm fresh vegetables and dairy products and Chakki fresh Atta.

SAFE AND CLEAN ENVIRONMENT Security personnel, activity facilitators and service staff drawn from ex- army personnel ensure complete safety to children and staff while they enjoy their Picnic. 100% power back up is provided by Silent Mahendra Powerall Gensets. We provide first aid box and Dr on Call. District Hospital and private Medical care facilities are available within a radius of 4 kms.
Hands on Experience and ProjectsYou can opt for hands on experience for your students in tilling, ploughing, sowing, reaping and winnowing with bullocks and tractors –bathing buffaloes, grazing sheep, milking goats  - tending ducks, rabbits, chickens – segregating jute fiber, making ropes – weaving a charkha, making daris, charpoys and dolls with gota sitara. We can also customize projects for your school like Village Sensitization, Agriculture, Agro-forestry, Social forestry, Horticulture, Vegetable Cultivation, Waste Management, Dairy Farming, Poultry Farming, Organic farming, Environment Protection, Green house effect, Water Harvesting.

Located in close vicinity of Jhajjar Town within NCR ( border district of Delhi on North and West of Delhi in Haryana), it is an average of 55 kms from Delhi and Gurgaon with independent State Highway approaches via Peeragarhi or Nazafgarh or directly from Gurgaon via Sultanpur Lake Farukkhnagar.

The project is approved as a farm tourism project by Ministry of Tourism Government of Haryana and have been visited by many prestigious schools.