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Day Picnic

On your arrival you receive a royal welcome by our camels, horses and live folk musician dancers dressed up in their Rajasthan costumes. There will never be a moment without excitement. A day full of fun, enjoyment, games, sports, adventure and learning unfolds before you.

Places to visit near Delhi for a dayPlaces to visit around Delhi

Day Package (Timings - 09:30 AM – 05:30 PM)

Including food and all activities.

Upto Class VIII

Per Student , Rs 470/- + GST

Class IX-XII

Per Student , Rs 500/- + GST

1 teacher shall be free for every 15 students. Extra teachers and staff will be charged extra.

The rates are without Transport. We can help organized transport and all inclusive price is provided on request.


Sara Din (available throughout the day)
Neembu Shikanjee, Chacch, Tea and Pakoras, garam Rabari, Kadhai doodh, Jalebi, Makee Bajre ki roti with desi Ghee, Gur, and Lahsoon ki Chatni. Bajre Ki Khichri with Ghee Bura, Ganne (sugarcane) straight from the field. Kindly note that Winter cuisine – like makee bajre ki roti will be replaced by other snack during warm weather.

Mazedar Nashta - Breakfast (09.30-12.00 am)
Poori Bhaaji, Achaar and Chatni Bread Pakoras, Tea.

Dopahar Ka Shahi Khanna - Lunch (1.30 – 3.30 pm)
Missi/Tawa Roti, Chowmein, Jeera Rice, Rajma, Kadhi, Sarson Ka Saag or Seasonal Vegetable, Paneer Shahi, Dahi or Raita, Makhan, Chatni, Achar, Gaajar Ka Halwa,Halwa/ Kheer Papad, Chatni, Achar and Jaggery, Green Salad.


  1. We serve and cook in RO water. Bottled water and Cold drinks are not included in the package but can be purchased over the counter.

Nearest place to visit from DelhiPlaces to visit near Delhi for a day

Music, Sports and Cultural Activities

Music and Cultural Activities DJ Music, Been and Dholki Dance with live performers.
Rides: Camel ride, Camel cart ride, Bullock cart ride, Tractor ride ( Note Horse ride is excluded in the school Package)
Ethnic Games Gilli Danda, Pithoo, Lattoo, Kanche goli, Archery, Gulel (sling shot), Dart shooting, Air gun shooting, Kushti, Kabbadi, Kite flying, Tug of war.
Sports - Cricket, Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton, Croquet, Trampoline jumping
Indoor Games: Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Ludo and Snakes and ladders.
Relaxation activities:- Mehndi (henna application), head massage , mud bath and tubewell bath.
Rural Domestic activities: Rural Kitchen – participate with rural women and menfolk in their colorful attires – cooking on hearth, pounding grain, grinding grains, making ghee and butter millk, Panihari Chaal (balancing water pails).
Rural Creative Activities : Pottery, mud lep (applying mud paste to houses) and painting frescoes on mud walls, matka painting.
Rural occupations Witness and participate in rural occupations - Spinning the yarn on Charkhas, handloom weaving, Pottery, Moodha ( making chairs with local elephant grass stems), cots with local hemp ropes.
Haat – the Rural market: glass bangles and dresses, Jootis (colorful footwear), terracotta, handicrafts and handloom.
Agriculture and Dairy Activities: Tending goats, cows, buffaloes and goats, ploughing, sowing, reaping, winnowing.
Visit to Farm Dairy farm, Poultry farm, Biogas plant, Vermi-composting plant, Herb Garden, Nakshatra Vatika, Navgriha Vatika, Triphla Kunj, Panchvati, Bodh Vatika


  1. We provide a well enclosed parking with gates. Parking is free of charge at owners Risk.
  2. Accompanying drivers / transport staff / security staff will be provided separate relaxing space and can be served meals @ Rs 150/- per person. We regret that accompanying drivers / transport staff will not be permitted to enter the campus and indulge in activities. If you so desire they can be allowed inside on payment of full package charges and on your responsibility for their discipline and behaviour.
  3. Students and guests are responsible for your own belongings. We shall not be responsible for loss or damage.

Places to visit around DelhiNearest place to visit from Delhi

Sample program of Day visit

Kindly note each activity is facilitated by independent facilitator and go on simultaneously from morning to evening. Where needed multiple camels / carts are provided so that everyone can do all activities. Each trip is divided into groups and groups take up the activities on a rotation basis.

0800 hrs

Departure from School – Drive 1-1.5 Hrs

0930 Hrs

Arrival at Pratapgarh farm – Traditional Welcome and Salutations by Camels and horses. Folk music.
Refreshments (nimbupani, Chach, tea). Followed by breakfast.
Briefing by the farm manager on facilities and trip organization

1000 Hrs

Breakfast – A choice of stuffed paranthas white farm fresh makkhan and Dahi, Achar and Chatni or Puri Bhaji

1100 Hrs 1330

Activities in Groups / Music and dance

1330-1430 Hrs


1430 -onwards  

Activities in Groups / Music and dance(Printed Group and Activity list will be provided by us

1530 -1630Hrs

School schedule departure as per their choice. Drive back to school 1.5 hrs.

1700-1800 Hrs


Arrival at School


We shall be pleased to assist you with finalizing iternery, organizing transport, providing travel checklist and safety and conduct advisory for students.