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Our Location

We are located with in NCR (National Capital Region) in Jhajjar District which is the immediate niegbouring district of Delhi in its North and West. Jhajjar also is the immediate neibhouring district of Gurgaon in North. The District headquarter is connected by different highways from Delhi and Gurgaon. We suggest different routes depending on where you are located.

Pratapgarhfarms is located barely 4 kms from centre of the Jhajjar Town. We have provided you a separate map for reaching Pratapgarhfarms once you reach Jhajjar town.

You can follow the below given routes. We put direction Board with Pratapgarh written on dark green boards on various routes for your convenience.


From North, North West, Central, East Delhi and Noida

From South Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad

From Jhajjar Town to Pratapgarhfarms