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Pratapgarh Farms & Resorts Jhajjar

One day picnic spots near Delhi

Unlimited Food, Music, Dance, Fun, Entertainment, Games & Sports in an all inclusive package.

One day picnic spots near DelhiOne day picnic destinations near Delhi

A unique holiday experience comes alive at this charming holiday village – a quite little hamlet set in the backdrop of lush green fields and whispering winds. Its ethnic mud huts, serene pond, jumping sprinklers, lively cattle barns - full of goats, sheep, cows, buffaloes, camels horses, poultry farms full of ducks, fowls, chickens, haughty roosters and soaring pigeons.

Picnic spot near DelhiPlaces to visit near Delhi on weekends

Experience delightful cusine from Haryana Punjab and Rajasthan
Neembu Shikanjee, Chacch, Tea and Pakoras, Garam Rabari, Kadhai doodh, Jalebi, Makee Bajre ki roti with desi Ghee, Gur, and Lahsoon ki Chatni. Bajre Ki Khichri with Ghee Bura, Ganne (sugarcane) straight from the field
Mazedar Nashta -
Paranthas with white farm fresh Makhan, Dahi, Achaar and Chatni and Poori Bhaji.
Dopahar Ka Shahi Khanna
Missi/Tawa Roti, Vegetable Poolao Jeera Rice, Rajma, Kadhi, Sarson Ka Saag, Paneer Shahi, Dahi or Raita, Makhan, Chatni, Achar, Halwa, Papad, Chatni, Achar and Jaggery, Green Salad.

Weekend Picnic spot near DelhiOne day trip destinations near Delhi

Music and Dance –
DJ Music, Been and Dholki Dance with live performers.

Weekend destinations near DelhiOne day trip near Delhi

Camel ride, Camel cart ride, Bullock cart ride, Tractor ride

Weekend destinations near DelhiWeekend picnic spots near Delhi

Ethnic Games
Gilli Danda, Pithoo, Lattoo, Kanche goli, Archery, Gulel (sling shot), Dart shooting, Air gun shooting, Kushti, Kabbadi, Kite flying, Tug of war.

One day trip near DelhiGood One day trip near Delhi

Cricket, Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton, Croquet, Trampoline jumping
Indoor Games
Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Ludo and Snakes and ladders.
Organized Games
Sack race, spoon race, lemon race, musical chairs, Tambola (for tambola, we provide equipment and space and your group can play by your self).

One day trip near DelhiGood Picnic spot places to visit in Delhi

Rural Domestic activities:
Rural Kitchen – participate with rural women and men folk in their colorful attires – cooking on hearth, pounding grain, grinding grains, making ghee and butter millk, Panihari Chaal (balancing water pails).
Rural Creative Activities :
Pottery, mud lep (applying mud paste to houses) and painting frescoes on mud walls, matka painting.

Good places to visit in DelhiGood Picnic spot places to visit in Delhi

Rural fun and Relaxation activities:-
Mehndi (henna application), mud and gulabari packs, batna, head massage , mud bath and tubewell bath.

Places to visit in and around Delhi Good One day picnic spots near Delhi

Corporate team building activities:-
Spider’s net, bridge building, tower making and innovative farm based activities.

One day picnic spots near Delhi One day picnic spots near Delhi

Agriculture and Dairy Activities:
Milking goats and tending cows, buffaloes and ploughing, sowing, reaping and winnowing.

One Day Trip near Delhi

Picnics are the best way to bond with family and friends in the lap of nature. The hectic daily schedules have left people with no time to spend with their loved ones. Shopping malls, buildings and similar architectures have left no place to socialize with people. Pratapgarh farms located near the railway station Gwalison Road in Jhajjar, Haryana is one such place that offers scenic beauty of the nature landscaped to perfection as a one day picnic spots near Delhi. The whole farm is developed around the idea of rural households in India. With animals like cows, buffaloes, sheep and many more, it offers real time experience and insight into the rural India. The farm operates as a picnic spot near Delhi and invites thousands of people seeking peace, enlightenment and break from the busy schedules.

It is a perfect spot for one day trip near Delhi with family and friends. The kids of this generation often wonder and ask their parents about life in rural India and Pratapgarh Farms aims to provide them with the same experience first hand. We, at Pratapgarh Farms also offer food and recreational activities that are inspired around the village life of the country. Today, 60% of the Indians in one way or the other, earn their livelihood with activities related to agriculture and horticulture and we feel it as our duty to make our next generation learn about the same.

There are different packages available for different needs. We offer special discounts to the groups of school children and to corporate weekend getaways. It would not be wrong to say that we are counted as the first choice when it comes to one day picnic spots near Delhi. What makes us easily reachable from Delhi is a good highway which promises a relaxing drive. We make one day trip near Delhi a memorizing experience with food, culture and village values spread over the farms completely.

Beats of dhol & been dance tunes in the farm makes sure that people do not just sit back but enjoy themselves as much as we do while entertaining people. And unlike any picnic spot near Delhi, we also offer people to engage in activities that include ploughs, sowing seeds, milking cows and buffaloes. We present you an environment nothing less than your dream of living a peaceful life.

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